Laycrylic Emulsion W/P Paint

New generation water based acrylic elastic long life Water Proof coating for use
with a woven membrane for sealing roofs from water penetration

Data sheets for Laycrylic Emulsion W/P Paint (PDF Format)

TDS data sheet
MSDS data sheet

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This Product is a coating material, which prevents water penetration into the
substrate. Applied in several layers and strengthened with a suitable woven
material it forms a thick protective membrane for roof sealing.
· This is available in several popular roof shades as well as white.
· This Product is based on a highly flexible and water resistant Acrylic resin
· Applied to specification it seals concrete roofs and prevents water
· This Product remains highly flexible for years even after extended exposure to
the environment.
· Besides its main use on concrete roofs, this product can be successfully
applied on galvanized sheeting, roofing felt and fibre cement.
· This Product is ideal for repair work on roofs such as sealing nail heads,
leaking flashings and repairing damaged or cracked roofing felt.
· Can be used on window ledges and to seal Parapet wall tops
· Highly durable and UV resistant.
· Highly water resistant.
· Excellent long term flexibility.
· Excellent adhesion.
· Excellent, no mess application properties.
· Quick drying two coats can be applied in one day.
· Low odour.
· Three to four coats of this product are used for best results.
· In white and pastel colours it also has the added benefit of being heat
reflective and therefore reduces the temperatures of the rooms (especially for
metal roofs