Become a Warehouse Distributor

Why be involved in the paint industry?

Paint is a necessity.  Every building, residential or commercial needs at one time or another.  Ensuring that you are associated with the latest Nano Technology paint is why you should choose Geo-Paint, giving you a superior product associated with quality and out performing some of the best brands in the market.

Geo-Paint manufactures and specializes in Nano Technology paints for the domestic and commercial industry in Interior and Exterior Paint.  Specializing in Waterproofing Products as well.  Providing excellent spread rate, coverage than most paints because of our Nano Technology.

What does this mean?

An Independent Warehouse Distributorship is where we grant you the right to distribute our GEO-PAINT  products from your own premises trading a Geo-Paint.  This is a licensed agreement for a period of 24 months, up to a maximum of 5 years.   The Distributor operator is truly independent but is obliged to purchase it’s products at an agreed price from us.

Why choose a Geo-Paint Warehouse Distribution option?

Geo-Paint has been manufacturing paint since 2007.  Geo-paint has been involved in the development of cutting edge products that a Licensee can now bring to the end customer.

Central to our business approach is a set of core values directed at maintaining a credible, prosperous brand with sound ethics and principles.

The benefits of becoming a Geo-Paint Warehouse Distributor were identified as follows:

  • The brand.
  • Access to premium products exclusive to Geo-paint Warehouse Stores (Nano Technology).
  • Financially attractive (ROI).
  • Product knowledge with relevant training.
  • Supplier contracts and credibility.
  • the link to the manufacturing entity.
  • Bulk Buying power and negotiation capabilities.

What is the ideal profile of a GEO-PAINT Warehouse Distributor?

  • If you……
  • Have a large network of clients in the building and paint industry
  • Have your own business and wish to stock the GEO-PAINT brand of products as a Licensed Distributor.
  • Want to venture into a new challenge of becoming a Distributor for the GEO-PAINT brand, knowing you are a part of the latest innovative Nano Technology paint.
  • Hands on/owner-operator who is involved with clients.
  • Understanding of retail and paint/construction industry is an advantage.
  • Sales/marketing skills.
  • Proactive go-getter
  • Motivator.
  • Ethical/honest.
  • Focus on quality.

Then this is the perfect business opportunity for you.

What kind of support will you receive?

  • Being a Independent Distributor you will work independently “be your own boss”
  • We fulfill the supply and demand role and ensure that our products are available to you on an agreed price.
  • Our wholesale prices to you ensure that the re-sell value is of a competitive nature in the market ensuring that the income generated from selling our products are profitable.
  • Training on product knowledge.
  • Access to our Marketing Material for End-user marketing.
  • Tinting equipment set up.
  • The Warehouse Distributor benefits from the BRAND.

The Distributor recruitment process?

Our short application form needs to be completed and a interview will be scheduled after which  we will inform you of the outcome.  A  Warehouse Distributorship Agreement must be signed. The process is outlined below:

Stage 1:  Telephone/Website screening.

Stage 2:  Paper Screening, short application form.

Stage 3:  Initial interview and commitment.

Stage 4:  Panel interview and final offer.

Geographical areas of Business?

Geo-Paint offers a high return on investment as you buy direct from the manufacturer ensuring an estimated gross profit of plus minus25%.

Establishment Costs:

  • Upfront Licensed fee:  R 80 000
  • Sep-up: Tinting equipment:  R 178 000.00+
  • Start-up Colourants:  R 18 000+
  • Training fee per person (Products):  R 13 000
  • Minimum initial stock:  R 50 000

           Total:  R  339 000

All other costs for the Warehouse set up, shop fitting,  branding, marketing and signage will be for the account of the Warehouse Distributor.

You will be required to have 100% of the funds available upfront and a stable financial background.

Geographical areas of Business?

GEO-PAINT will award geographical areas to Distributors. This is discussed in the interview process and  the Distributor Agreement and MOU.


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